ACLT Update- ACLT Invited to Attend Private Reception with Vice President Pence

    The ACLT was contacted and invited to attend a private fundraiser/reception attended by Vice President Pence for ACLT endorsed Congressional Candidate Pete Stauber. Twelve timber industry representatives attended on behalf of the ACLT and the timber industry. The cost of the event was borne by each individual, who gained nothing personally, but realized that by participating they could collectively make a statement and gain White House recognition for Minnesota’s timber industry. And what a statement and recognition they made!

With 12 timber industry representatives all wearing “Making LOGGING Great Again” hats they were impossible to miss in the group of 100. The Hats were so distinct that others asked how to get one, including one of the Secret Service agents. When the Vice President arrived he noted the group with the hats and said “I’m going to have to get one of those” to which ACLT Executive Director, Scott Dane, help one up and responded, “I’ve got one right here for you with your name on the back”. After which, a representative of the event asked for the hate for the Secret Service to inspect.

Attending were:
Mike Nielsen, ACLT President
Jim Scheff, ACLT Board Director
Clinton Cook, ACLT Board Director
Peter Wood, ACLT Board Director
Shawn Fletcher, Fletcher Trucking
Justin Sawyer, Sawyer Timber
Jerry DeMenge, DeMenge Forest Products
Warren Johnson, Warren Johnson Logging
Matt Rajala, Rajala Timber
Clay Crosby, Twin Rivers Land and Timber
Chuck Sherer, Nelson Wood Shims
Scott Dane, ACLT Executive Director

At the end of the Vie President’s speech he greeted those attending and when he approached Justin Sawyer, Justin asked if he would autograph his hat. The Vice President agreed and said “all sign all of your hats” at which time the group all had their Making LOGGING Great Again hats autographed by the Vice President. Then somebody asked about a picture, mind you the organizers stated numerous times that private photos would not be allowed, but the Vice President responded “let’s all get a picture”. From somewhere the Vice President’s Making LOGGING Great Again hat showed up and he put it on for a group picture. The group photo was even included in the Vice President’s Twitter Feed the next day.
Peter Wood did give his “Making LOGGING Great Again” hat to one of the Secret Service Agents who gave him a Secret Service Challenge Coin and Pin.



Article originally printed in Volume 182 of ACLT Update Magazine,