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Perry, GA 31069

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Direct Contact

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Clay Crosby

CEO / Executive Project Manager

clay.crosby@twinriverstimber.com (229) 326-0560

Tanisha Holcomb

Executive Secretary

tanisha.holcomb@twinriverstimber.com (478) 224-5263

Tom Tuggle

Procurement Manager / Jr. Project Manager

tom.tuggle@twinriverstimber.com (478) 297-5471

Heath Whiddon

General Project Manager

heath.whiddon@twinriverstimber.com (478) 951-4888

Daniel Stanley

Florida Panhandle Liaison

daniel.stanley@twinriverstimber.com (478) 224-5263

Ashley Crosby

COO / Lead Project Manager

ashley.crosby@twinriverstimber.com (229) 326-1897

Justin Goodman

General Project Manager

justin.goodman@twinriverstimber.com (229) 402-4465

Jason Hoon

International Relations

(678) 622-0415