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“We’ve accomplished a lot in a short amount of time at Twin Rivers. We plan to keep innovating and growing.”

Clay Crosby

CEO / Senior Project Manager

Twin Rivers Land & Timber is a full service timber company specializing in biomass procurement for the production of clean, renewable bioenergy.

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    We plant top rated, genetically superior seedlings to suit each individual landowners needs. Whether it’s a tall stand of pines for future generations or a fast growing, quick rotational seedling to capitalize on investment – the choice is up to each landowner, and TRLT is there to guide them on the right path.

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    Forest Management

    We work one-on-one with landowners across the Southeast to manage their investments and suit each individual’s needs. TRLT can aid in connecting landowners with Registered Foresters in the area to see that their wishes are met to the fullest extent, every time. Long-term management contracts, faster rotations for merchantable timber, or that perfect combination of timber stands that wildlife and family can enjoy for years to come.

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    Longwood Harvesting

    We started with procurement of pine and hardwood timber for use in pulp & paper mills. Today, longwood harvesting is still an important part of TRLT, and the solid connections we made in the early years still stand strong today. Competitive prices and trustworthiness are the only ways TRLT does business.

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    In-Wood Chips

    Our bread and butter, in-woods chipping is the perfect operation for cleaning up non-merchantable timber stands, pre-commercial thinning, under-brushing and wild fire prevent harvest. Storm damage cleanup is another area in-woods chip crews can be of service to help get property back into timber rotation, or to help clean up severely damaged acres after the devastation has passed.

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    Mill Residuals

    Taking waste and making something out of it--that’s a core value taught to owner, Clay Crosby, at a very young age. This is the “make your daddy proud” part of TRLT. Through contracts all over the country, TRLT is able to take mill residuals and byproducts in both the forestry and agricultural industries and put them to good use.

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    Biomass Procurement

    A core component in the new age of TRLT, biomass procurement has become “our thing.” In-woods logging slash, municipality debris, storm damage waste, non-merchantable timber stands, pre-commercial thinning, under-brushing and wild fire prevent harvest. We chip it up and haul it off.

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    We make a green, renewable energy source out of the raw materials we procure. With the technological breakthrough of our partner company Twin Rivers Global, Inc., TRLT is involved in the global revolution to save the coal-burning power plants. Through co-firing our patented Biomass 3.0 with current operating coal plants, energy production can be greener, more efficient, and more environmentally acceptable.